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Thursday, February 1, 2018

6:24 PM

Entertainment city of Manila build by Alice Eduardo of Sta Elena Construction

This is Ms. Alice Eduardo's wonderland, the Manila Bay reclamation area. Sta Elena Construction, a company headed by Ms. Alice Eduardo, is a major contributor in developing Manila's entertainment city.

Ms. Alice Eduardo is a major contributor in developing Manila's Entertainment City. The Manila Bay reclamation area. Sta Elena Construction

For more information please visit the following sites:
CSR of Ms. Alice Eduardo
Professional Site of Ms. Alice Eduardo
Official Website of Sta Elena Construction

Friday, August 1, 2008

12:12 AM

My New Baby

Wow! It’s been a while since I visited my blog. Things are getting a little busy now that I have started my own business in the Philippines. Yup! My very own and my very first, business of selling clothes. Well it’s not a big business actually, but I love it. Got a little rack for some sean john clothes, some dereon in the shelf, and by the door, I placed my own favorite collection of rocawear and new era caps. Running a business is not as easy as I thought it would be. But hey, right now, I’m the happiest person in the world. ^_~

Monday, January 14, 2008

1:27 AM

Que Sera Sera

When I was a little girl, I asked Mother, what will I be? Will I be good, the best baker, me? Here's what she said to me...

Baking has always been my frustration. Every lil chance, i.e. spare time, that I can grab, I make sure that I bake at least a pastry or two. After all, practice makes perfect. Maybe, they're far from the mouth watering cakes Red Ribbon Bakery has to offer but surely, my dog would have to agree that I'm getting better and better everyday. I just got to be or I wouldn't consider buying an extra large dog beds in exchange of her memory foam dog beds as she also gets bigger and bigger with all my baking, lol

"You'd certainly like that, My Royal Dogness, wouldn't you?"

"Arf! arf!"

Que Sera, Sera. What ever will be will be? A baker I wish to be, Que Sera Sera!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1:09 AM

Lost And Found

It's mandatory that every after end of the day, I note down all my daily expenses. This is to guide me through better budgeting and wise spending. Last month, I wasn't able to finalize my personal financial statements because I seem to have misplaced the receipt from the wholesale clothing shop where I bought wholesale clothing for relatives back in the Philippines last Christmas. Searched every nook and cranny of my tiny apartment, nada. Already looked inside my rocawear and evisu bags and purses.. searched all front, side and back pockets of my apple bottoms jumpsuit to each of my branded (lei) and non branded jeans.. I even ridiculously checked my new era caps, to see if I had unwittingly placed the receipt there! Unfortunately, zilch. Guess where I found it? The least place I could ever imagine - it's on her Royal Dogness fancy dog beds. Yup! My royal dog has it all along. Tsk, tsk, my age is starting to tell eh? hehehe
12:22 AM

Her Royal Dogness

Life has been busy nowadays. That's my only explanation for not blogging in almost three weeks, hehehe It's a good thing Red Ribbon Bakeshop is nearby and just within my reach or I doubt if I'd last with all the stress I've been into lately. My "housemate" seemed to be enjoying the pastries from Red Ribbon Bakeshop as well for she get to have her fill on Red Ribbon Cake while lying luxuriously like a queen on her fancy dog beds, lol You know what? If you try to visualize her extra large dog beds and have philippine flowers fill its edges, she could easily pass as Her Royal Dogness, lol I almost curtsied when she acknowledged my presence as soon as I entered the room after changing my work clothes to casual evisu donna top and lei maong jeans! Her look was so.. regal! Oh well, that's my dog. Simply majestic, lol

Thursday, December 20, 2007

12:29 AM

Here Comes Cinderella Right Down Cinderella Lane

It was indeed a day full of laughter because barely ten minutes ago, my little sister called me up from her cellular philippine phone (which is almost the same as Mother's cellular mobile Philippine phone sun) to ask WHEN she would be receiving the second and third and fourth Christmas gift installments from me, lol I was so right! She started enumerating that a pair of lei jeans would certainly match her tempting sean john tops and a rocawear purse would be suitable with her getup. And oh! A pretty rocawear belt plus Cole Haan Women's Lina Sandals would complete everything and make them just perfect! I'm afraid my younger sister tend to get carried away with these stuff. I think she has this ah, silly notion that she turns into Cinderella every Christmas time, lol

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

11:06 PM

For It's A Jolly Good Day-Oh!

It was a wonderful day! Aside from the call Mother gave me using her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun, I got to claim the bountiful gourmet basket from the wholesale clothing shop downtown. Just as I surmised, it's similar to the gifts Philippines package I sent Mother a few weeks ago. Delightful! Instead of fruits though, this one contains candies and chocolates, sandwich cookies and truffles, a bottle of wine and some caramel popcorn. Yummy! My dog thought so too for she immediately left the comfort of her memory foam dog beds, quickly approached my side, brushed her face against my lei jeans covered thighs and once again did her ""Give me some please please or I'll die of hunger" look, lol Hmmm, it would surely take a while before I can convince her to go back to her dog beds and sleep the night away, lol
10:26 PM

Mother Hen

Amazingly, after the SMS exchange Lisa and I had, Mother called up from her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun to check on her favorite daughter (That's me by the way, lol). They are planning to visit our relatives from the South and at the same time bring some Philippine flowers and gifts Philippines to Grandmother (of which the latter would surely love!). Awww, how I wish I were there with them, huhuhu! :( She also gave some tips as to what types of present my pretty little sister would appreciate (which is basically clothes, clothes, clothes, lol) I did tell her that lil sis received an early Christmas gift from me early this month (a sexy sean john tops) and I have plans to add a brand new lei jeans and rocawear purse to match with her sean john halter blouse. I immediately sensed her approval as if she were in front of me, nodding her lovely head, lol Ah, Mother Mother. My sweet Mother hen. :)
7:19 PM

Girls' Day Out

I was on my way to the wholesale clothing shop this evening when I received an SMS text from my cellular philippine phone. It was from my lunch buddy, Lisa. She asked if I bought something for my Kris Kringle already since the office party would be on the eve of 22nd. We decided on shopping together tomorrow since it's our off. Hmmmm, certainly Girls' Day Out eh? hehehe
2:13 AM

Stop, Listen, Then Look

Speaking of pizza, it felt like it didn't pass through my stomach tonight. In other words, it's sorta felt like empty still! How so? You see, my "adorable" dog, while lying luxuriously on her dog beds, had this "Give me some please please or I'll die of hunger" kind of look. So alright, I guess I'm a sucker to these types. And so, I gave.. and gave.. and gave. Before I could stop and listen to the grumbling of my stomach, she ate more than half of her share! Sheesh! Talk about whose the Master of whom eh?

The pizza house would surely be my first stop early tomorrow morning (or should I say, a few hours from now) before I report for work. Then later in the afternoon, I'll drop by the wholesale clothing shop to claim my "gift".

It's really too bad my version of "Leave some for me please please or I'll die of hunger too" kind of look didn't affect my dog at all for she's currently sleeping so contentedly at her designer dog beds! Tsk tsk! lol
2:01 AM

When Action Speaks Louder than Arfs

Here's another anecdote about my dear dog.

I've been craving for pizza the whole week. That is why for this evening, using my cellular Philippine phone, I ordered a whole box - family size. When the delivery man came by, I immediately got up from the sofa bed, picked up my rocawear purse, walked outside and handed the bill to the guy. Almost at the exact moment that I did, my adorable dog also got up from her cute foam dog beds, picked up my apple bottoms hoodies, walked towards us and handed me the jacket, lol Someone wants some pizza too eh? Ah, who can ever resist such a sweet gesture? :P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

11:47 PM

A Christmas Treat, Definitely Not A Trick

Early this morning while driving for work, my cellular Philippine phone rang. When I looked inside my rocawear purse for my mobile phone to check who the caller was, the number was unregistered. Thinking it was someone from the office confirming details about our project, I answered the call. Guess what? It was from the wholesale clothing shop downtown. They informed me that I won a holiday gift basket as a raffle prize! (Ooooh really!) It was sort of similar to gifts philippines package I sent to Mother two weeks ago which mainly contains fruits and goodies.

To be honest, I wasn't aware that my name was included on their raffle in the first place, lol. Well, to say I was surprised was an understatement. They said I could pick it up anytime. What a treat, huh! :)
10:21 PM

Jingling All The Way

Speaking of carolers, it's always fascinating to watch them sing and jingle their way from house to house night after night. From the range of melodic songs they play to their colorful, holiday-inspired outfits, they truly invite smiles and joyful aura to their listeners.

I remember the other day, a group of carolers dropped by my house and started singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Although they did not have any instruments with them, their acapella versions of the classics: "Jingle Bells", "The Christmas Song", "O Holy Night" certainly were delights to the ears. (In fact, my dog immediately got up from her foam dog beds, went closer to the door and listened intently to their music).

The singers' clothing were of christmas colors too! From their tops (saw a teen wearing a green akademiks jacket with funky red scarf having candy cane design) to their santa hats/caps (one had this bright yellow, new era cap) and maong/nylon pants (especially loved this lady neighbor's faded green lei jeans where a couple of philippine flowers patches were artistically sewn to produce a cutey feminine look), they sure look ready to do some jingling in the neighborhood, lol

Different shades of red, green and yellow that speak a lot of their current jovial mood. Add those to their impressive and powerful voices? Ah, it was indeed a sight to see and watch them perform. :)
9:37 PM

Christmas In The Air

Wow, I cannot believe it's been almost a week since I visited my blog! What excuse can I give except for endless holiday preparations and last minute gift shopping galore? My, my.. I had certainly forgotten the rush/adrenaline Yuletide season brings to everyone. Looking at my cellular Philippine phone organizer now, it's barely six days and two hours away til Christmas! No wonder carolers visit me (in my humble abode) and my dog (in her modest memory foam dog beds of a home) almost every night, lol

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

9:02 PM

Giddy Master and Dog

In two days, I can literally start working around the look of my living room. I have everything all planned out. From the clothes I would be wearing (red apple bottoms top, slightly faded green lei jeans, yellow new era cap, and white converse sneakers), to the wreaths, poinsettias and of course, that tiny sweet sweet mistletoe, lol I already purchased a pretty gift wrapper from which I got the theme of my design (as how the wholesale clothing shop downtown got theirs). Curtains with philippine flowers prints are on standby and ready to be sewn anytime. Same goes with Christmas figurines just awaiting for the bouquet of flowers philippines to be placed on top of the living room table. Needless to say, I'm all giddy about it. And surprisingly, so is my dog whose currently wiggling her tails on her dog beds as if saying: "Me too! Me too!" lol
8:43 PM

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

It was pretty hectic at work today. With the recent demands this new project entails, to say that our hands (and brains may I include) were full is an understatement. There is no room for small chitchats during break times anymore. Endless meetings and conferences urge us to continuously update events and to-do's lists in laptops and phones (mine in my cellular motorola Philippine phone, my new lunch buddy on her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun). Everywhere, you'd see people full of life and energy. Who wouldn't be if it would mean: (one) there's a big chance we would penetrate the global business scene; (two) there's also a very promising bonus awaiting us all if we were to beat the deadline! Talk about Christmases being white. :)
2:08 AM

When Disaster Becomes A Good Thing

Blame it to exhaustion, I made a terrible mistake tonight. You see, I did my laundry a few hours ago and I was afraid due to preoccupation, I wasn't able to separate the colored items of clothing from the white ones. That's why when it's time to put them on the dryer, I was shocked to see that one of my branded ultra-white dress got stained with this old bloody red socks! Waaaah! That dress was a fave! I checked further (while praying and calling every angel's name I knew, hoping that that's the only damage it incurred), and thank goodness, God is good. My new Apple Bottoms tops and Lei jeans (which I bought from the wholesale womens clothing shop downtown a few days ago) were all safe and sound. Lesson learned: When you buy a piece of clothing, always buy in twos so that if something happens to the other one, you still have a spare. lol Just kidding! At least now, I have a valid excuse to buy a new set. :P

Monday, December 10, 2007

9:56 PM

Two Are Better Than One

It's been a while since I blogged about my adorable dog, isn't it? Here's another anecdote. The other day, I was watching TV while segregating the stuff I bought from the wholesale clothing shop (i.e. makaveli, rocawear, sean john and enyce gift shirts for my nephews and godsons) when my dog suddenly got up from her dog beds, approached the TV set and started to bark.

On screen, you'd see a variety of cute dog beds: round, fancy, luxury dog beds of different sizes and colors! If I'm not mistaken, it's the donut dog beds that got her attention for her bark was louder here. It's quite an extra large dog beds to fit her but I'm seriously considering. Since she loves hanging around the Christmas tree a lot and her memory dog beds is located inside my bedroom, two beds are better than one, wouldn't you agree? After all, it's the time of the year for gift-giving. Ho-ho-ho! This is your Santa Dog, Meeeeerry Christmas! Arf! Arf! :-D
9:22 PM

Good News, Bad News

I have good news and bad news.

Good news: Mother surprised me by calling up from her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun. To say I was astounded is an understatement! Our talk lasted for 30 minutes, more or less. Ah, if we're only next door neighbors! Oh how I miss her more!

And now, the bad news: One of the topics that had been brought up was that, she already came up with a decision. I'm talking about the suggestion I made a few weeks back regarding her gardening savvy. That is, why not make a profit out of it? She can initially be a supplier to Philippine Florists or Philippine flower shops. Before we all know it, she would be offering flower delivery Philippines services in no time! Unfortunately, she decided against it. Her reason? She wanted to devote all her time to her plants and Philippine flowers at the moment. For if she were to follow my suggestion, she'd surely be such a busy bee that her darlings would undoubtedly be neglected. She didn't want that to happen. Awwww! She assured though that if and when the time comes that she feels like venturing to flowers philippines business, I would be the very first one to know. Oh well! That's Mother. First and foremost a mother to all her children who goes by the name: "plants and philippine flowers" :)
7:48 PM

A Wonder Woman

Remember my new officemate? She's pretty amazing! Her workspace is quite close to mine so I get to see how she's taking her new job. It's much better than we all expected! She can finish her work faster and more efficiently than the rest of the newbies. No wonder she was highly recommended by our VP. More so, she can jangle multiple tasks and still manage to find extra time to help others out. I wonder how she does that. That's why it didn't come a surprise when I caught her today playing games on her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun 10 minutes before the end of our shift! Aww, how I envy her, lol I sure could use some of her techniques.
1:26 AM

Home Alone

On paper, I made a layout of how I would want my living room to look like. I also created a list of things to be bought so I can get around to passing nearby shops after office hours later. They say, if you want the task on hand to be exceptionally good when it's all done, try to initially internalize and feel as if you are really a part of the said project. Meaning, if you are working on Christmas decorations, everything you would be needing should be of Christmas theme too: like candy cane scissors or reindeer pens. Play some Christmas songs on the background. Dress up in Christmas colors! That is why, I plan to wear my red apple bottoms top, slightly faded green lei jeans, yellow new era cap, and white converse sneakers while "at work" and doing some rocking around the Christmas tree, lol A sure way to spice up decorating while home alone.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

10:55 PM

When Wrappers Become More Than A Paper

In line with these decorations I'm planning to work on in my living room, one thing I noticed from the wholesale clothing shop downtown is that, they have this color scheme. The style, the motif, and colors - they look so good all together! I had to pause for a few minutes then just to take into detail what made the whole design tick. And believe it or not, they seemed to have gotten their ideas from a holiday gift wrapping paper! Oh, the impact is spectacular! Who would have thought eh? The wonders of holiday wrappers.
9:37 PM

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I've been meaning to work on the interiors of my living room for weeks now. Not the grand kind though. You know, just simple holiday decorations like a couple of wreaths here and a mistletoe over there. Mostly things that are easy to setup and maintain and yet have this subtle, joyful impression of the Yuletide season. The curtains need some changing too. It would be best if they contain some floral designs, Philippine flowers prints maybe? Or anything that would blend well with the rest of the stuff I will be putting in. I could place a vase of flowers Philippines on top of the sala table too. Perhaps, add a couple of Christmas figurines next to it. More ornaments on the Christmas tree, poinsettias scattered all over the place. What else? Coz you never know, someone might surprisingly drop by one of these days. Hope it's Santa Claus though, lol
8:06 PM

My New Lunch Buddy

We have a new officemate at work today. Our VP for Operations introduced her and she would be working with us on this new project. The first thing I noticed about her is the way she carried her clothes. She's wearing an apple bottoms purple tops and lucky 13 steam skirt. Ooh, she gave justice to the simple pair! (How I wish I could pull off that same outfit the way she did.) Next thing that's quite evident was her features. She looks partly Asian. What caught my attention the most was that she's using a cellular mobile Philippine phone sun, similar to what Mother has! How did I know? You see, I heard her talking on the cellular philippine phone and she mentioned she's using sun (a roaming cellphone number) to the person she's talking to. Hey, I was not eavesdropping okay? lol Her voice was loud enough for people in the farther corner of the room to hear her. Anyway, have you ever experienced meeting someone and call it gut feeling but you sense right away that you're like soul sisters? I did. I thought we're gonna hit it off so I approached her. We shared lunch, we were together during coffee break and I was right. She's hip and cool. And she's half-Filipina, half-American (So that's why!) Hmmm, looks like I just got myself a new lunch buddy! :-D

Saturday, December 8, 2007

3:29 AM

When Oh When?

For my nieces and goddaughters, I had very few choices. As much as I would like to pick mudd, rocawear and lei jeans from the wholesale clothing selection, that wouldn't be advisable for I do not know their body measurements (such as waistlines and hiplines). I ended up buying a set of apple bottoms tops instead. In fairness, the tops are still nice to look at. It's just that it would have been better if they were all here with me so I could have brought them to the wholesale clothing shop and they got to choose what pants they really like. The jeans were so pretty that it was just a shame not to buy it! Ah, just too bad they weren't here. It could have been fun! When oh when will that time come?
2:42 AM

Which Is Which?

For two hours now, I've been segregating the makaveli, rocawear, sean john and enyce shirts that I bought from this wholesale clothing shop downtown. You see, the reason why it's taking so long is because I couldn't figure out which shirt suits whose personality best. I'm kinda having a difficult time on the color and design combination. Like for example, horizontal stripes are more suited for nephews with lighter built. Lighter shades are more appropriate for kids with darker skin tone. You know, things like that. Ah, if only I am an authority when it comes to fashion.

Friday, December 7, 2007

11:26 PM

Who's who?

What a busy, busy week! Finally I am done with all the shopping I needed to do. Congratulate me please, lol Except for a few gift wrappers intended for my sister's and a few friends' presents, I got it all covered up. Ah, 17 days before Christmas. Wow! Imagine that.. Speaking of which, I finalized my flower gift Philippines and the basket of fruits gifts Philippines to Mother. Awww, she would simply love them, of that I am certain! Can't wait to hear from her! She would surely give a call from her cellular mobile philippine phone sun just to express her delight and appreciation! And believe me. When she calls? It lasts for houurs.. lol Makes you wonder, who's excited now eh? hehehe

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

11:14 PM

Choice For The New Generation

If I would start a business, I would probably consider doing it wholesale Women's clothing, to be more specific. Since my fave hobby involves shopping, what better business to venture on other than clothing business, right? Then, later on, wholesale kids clothing, maybe? Or wholesale street wear. Basically, those that would appeal to the new generation carrying brands like Makaveli, Akademiks or Sean John. Wait a minute! I don't think my last statement sounds pleasing even to my own ears (i.e. new generation)! Makes me feel like I'm from the old gen, lol
7:47 PM

A Karaoke Night With Her

I was playing this downloaded polyphonic ringtone of my cellular Motorola Philippine phone when my dog got up from her dog beds and started barking. I wasn't sure at first why she's doing that so I turned my phone off, placed it back on top of my computer table and "pretended" to continue surfing. My dog, after seeing that she won't be getting noticed with all the wagging of tails, went back to her memory foam dog beds and "acted" as if she's sulking! So what I did was, I turned my cellular Philippine phone back on (at the corner of my eye, I saw her sit up straight), played the ringtone again and believe it or not, she went back to barking, as if singing along with the tune, lol. She sure likes the music eh? Indeed, it's going to be a great karaoke night with my adorable dog.

Monday, December 3, 2007

8:12 PM

Thank God It's Monday Eve

It was a hectic day as always. There is something about Monday that gets on everybody's nerve, wouldn't you agree? I, for one, atop the paperworks I have to deal with everyday, received almost three dozen of calls in my eight-hour work! Imagine that! Ninety five percent of them are purely work-related, the remaining, which I received from my cellular Motorola Philippine phone, are personal calls. Ah, thank God the day is almost over.
5:54 AM

I Refuse To Look Like A Zombie

I'm having troubles sleeping lately. Take today as an example. Slept at past three and now, have to be up two hours later to report for work. Good thing I can still rely on my cellular Motorola Philippine phone to wake me up. It alarmed at exactly 5am. Needless to say, I look like a zombie. In cases like these, I make up by wearing bright and funky clothes. Which reminds me, I better put on my favorite Apple Bottoms top and Lei jeans or Id be running late again.
3:08 AM

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Earlier today, I went to the wholesale clothing shop downtown to check on these wholesale kids clothing. I discovered that they offer a lot of branded clothes for kids like Rocawear and Enyce, which are mostly my faves! They have shirts, jeans even gift box sets. And guess what? As I walked around, I saw that they have a collection of wholesale womens clothing too! Ask me the brands, come on, ask me. YES! You got it right! Ah, Apple Bottoms and ah, Lei! Hmmm, eeny meeny miny moe, how I want to buy all of u so!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

11:20 PM

Attack Of The Virus

My cellular Motorola Philippine phone has been acting up lately. More often than not, Id just be surprised when it would "restart" suddenly, all by itself, similar to how my desktop computer reboots all the time (I fear my PC's infected with a virus). Which makes me stop and wonder, do mobile phones have viruses too?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

3:01 AM

The Dawn Stalker

Something strange happened just a few minutes ago. I was online, checking stuff over the net when I noticed my dog stood up from her dog beds and started barking. So grabbing my apple bottoms jacket to see who could be out by my yard at this unholy hour when I was greeted by....... utter darkness. No one's out there!! Weirdness because my dog doesn't usually behave this way. Talk about creepy tales in the wee small hours.
2:07 AM

Sleepless Beauty

It's already past two A.M. at my cellular Motorola Philippine phone, and yet I'm wide awake. It's one of those nights when slumber is barely within my grasp that I have no other choice but to find ways to tire my mind. Sometimes I read these thick hardbound novels with tiny font prints guaranteed to make one sleepy. At other times, I watch all these boring programs on TV, so boring that I would be surprised later on to find myself having been dozed off right in the middle of my comfy sofa bed. At some occasions, I would go online and surf to the max til my computer almost plead to be turned off. I wonder which one would work this morning.
1:27 AM

I Shall Return!

I was driving around the town the other day when I passed by this wholesale clothing shop. You see, for weeks now, I've been thinking what to include in the package that I'm sending over to the Philippines. Since I have lots of relatives, which means lots of nieces and nephews too, the idea of wholesale kids clothing has a certain appeal now, wouldn't you agree? Hmmm, maybe I should do that. As what Mc Arthur used to say, I shall return!

Friday, November 30, 2007

9:21 PM

Goodbye Sweet November

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of November. How time flies fast, isn't it? Looking back, it was quite a good month for me. Career-wise, it's practically the same. Busy bee as always but the work load, fulfilling nevertheless. Health-wise, lo and behold, I wasn't admitted to nearby hospitals like an overworked bug, can you believe that? lol Now, family-wise, it's as delightful and comforting as flowers Philippines for I got to communicate with Mother much regular than before! I also had the chance to see my charming little sister after two long months! All in all, it's pretty calm and sweet and nice. Goodbye, sweet November, welcome cool December.
7:16 PM

Sister, My Sister

My sister came in a little before one and after a serious heart-to-heart talk (which greatly concerns her late night travelling), we spent the whole night, err the wee hours of the morning chattering and giggling! (somewhat like the way we used to tease around when we were still kids) Ah, it was a time full of playing and reminiscing and fun. Needless to say, she was all jumping and shrieking with the new sean john tops I gave her, lol I told her there's more to come but she'll have to wait til Christmas for the rest. Much to my surprise, she looked into her backpack, took out a pair of lei pants and taran... an early Christmas gift for me! Whoa, and it fits so perfectly! Sweetness, eh? Sister, my sister, you're the sweetest of them all! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

11:51 PM

Mother Knows Best

Mother always castigates me because I love traveling to far places particularly during night time. She's highly old fashioned, you see and considers that women should be at home, by 6pm the latest! Normally, I just shrug her worries off.. until tonight. It seems sister inherited my trait! Looking right now at Father's dereon watch, she's still out there on the road, driving by herself and to think it's nearly midnight! Hope she gets here soonest, safe and sound, so I can stop worrying about her.
10:23 PM

If You Can't Beat Her, Join Her!

I just received a phone call from my younger sister and she's sleeping over tonight, lol Hmmm, knowing her, I'm sure she's giddy with the things she would be receiving from me. Which reminds me, I happen to see this pretty rocawear purse that would blend well with "her" sean john tops. I might as well order this now before she comes up with this long list of things she "badly, badly" needs for the holiday season.
9:24 PM

All's Well That Ends Well

The rest of my shift turned out unexpectedly smooth. So as soon as I reached home, I just cooked/ate dinner and went online right away to search for flower shops Philippines so I can start getting around with the flower gift Philippines order for Mother's birthday. Thank goodness I found a Flower Delivery Philippines that offers discounts to its customers. Quite a good way to end a seemingly bad day.
8:37 PM

When It Rains, It Pours

They say bad luck comes in three. I never fell for that because I believe that for everything that's happening around us, they all come down to internalizing within ourselves: by thinking positively and turning all those negative energies to positive ones. I'm having second thoughts now. You see, my day started with me reporting late for work because of these blasted car keys. I thought that was the end of it. That's where I was wrong. When I reached my workplace, I was astounded to see that my favorite eau de toilette, which happens to be Mother's gift Philippines on my birthday, was down at the office's carpet floor, the tiny bottle all broken down to pieces! It seemed that a colleague's cat thought it was something to play around with thereby knocking my perfume down from the top of my table! I'm beginning to dread the rest of the day. What's gonna be next?
5:07 AM

Honey, I Blew Up! Its The Keys!

Funny how we tend to overlook things that are right before our very eyes, dont we? Let me give you an example. This morning, I was rushing to the door for I do not want to be late for work. I was nearing my car when I realized... I don't have the keys with me! So I looked around everywhere, as in every nook and cranny of my neat little house. NADA. Searched the insides of my rocawear purse, my lei jeans' pockets. ZILCH. I even forcefully shook and tossed around this new dereon jacket, three times! I know I have it with me somewhere! I just could not remember where I placed it. Guess where I found it? After half an hour, yes, you are right. I spent almost half an hour trying to find it and thinking and berating myself (how frustrating can that be?), I suddenly remembered I must have left it in the garage. And it seemed that I really did. It was still in the ignition switch, goodness gracious! It's a good thing my mind was so preoccupied last night that I didn't lock the car's door. Talk about getting old.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11:15 PM

Saying Hot, Hot, Hot!

Since I'm already online, I started looking for something to buy for myself this weekend. After all, with all the stress I have to face this week, I think I deserve some "reward". So on I went to different online clothing shops and I found something I really, really like. This sean john tops looks pretty hot hot hot, wouldn't you agree? Hmmm, maybe I should add this to my apple bottoms and dereon shopping list, hehehe
10:53 PM

A Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Gift

I was thinking. If I'm sending flowers Philippines, why not send Mother a basket of health too! You know, a fruit basket filled with her faves: pineapple, citrus, papaya to name a few. Hmmmm, I think that would go very well with the yellow roses, don't you think? Flowers that aim to make her smile and fruits to make her healthy and wealthy and wise. Ah, a perfect gifts Philippines, if you ask me! :)
10:32 PM

Her Favorite Ones

In a few weeks' time, Mother will be celebrating her birthday so I went online today to start choosing for flowers Philippines. She's not really particular but her faves mostly are: anthuriums, yellow roses and gerberas. So searching I went ahead and found these lovely Philippine flowers. Oooh, I sure can imagine the delight in her eyes when she receives them!
5:32 AM

A Knock On The Door and Tap On The Windows

Ive just given my sister a call and I was right. She's beside herself with excitement with the halter top I'm giving her this Christmas.
Moreover, she wants a brand new pair of lei jeans to match with "her" sean john tops. Tsk, tsk. I think wrapping it up is no longer necessary for come early tomorrow morning, she would surely be knocking on my door and tapping on my windows too! hehehe
2:09 AM

The Wicker Disagreement

So me and my friend went to take a stroll on the mall when we arrived on this dog accessory shop, and thinking of the incident that happened with me and my dog, I agreed to buy her a dog bed. And so we went inside, and looked around until we arrived at this pile of wicker dog beds and wooden dog beds next to what looked like some suede dog beds and fleece dog beds. My friend asked me of what I want, and I told her I want the wooden one. But my friend disagreed with my decision, and pointed on the wicker one, she said it’s a lot stylish than the wooden, but my dog is big and I need a stronger dog bed. Why did she even bother asking me of what I want? And so the disagreement went on until we decided on buying memory foam dog beds instead.

1:37 AM

To Be Or Not To Be?

For a while now, I've been trying to convince Mother to put up a business which largely concerns her passion in life: gardening. Why not use her gardening savvy to turn a profit? She can be a supplier to Philippine flower shops or Philippine Florists, for starters. Not only would she be spreading her love for plants and flowers, I'm sure she's going to learn a lot from the experience too! She did say she'll think about it. Hmmm, I wonder what her decision would be? To be or not to be?