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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When Disaster Becomes A Good Thing

Blame it to exhaustion, I made a terrible mistake tonight. You see, I did my laundry a few hours ago and I was afraid due to preoccupation, I wasn't able to separate the colored items of clothing from the white ones. That's why when it's time to put them on the dryer, I was shocked to see that one of my branded ultra-white dress got stained with this old bloody red socks! Waaaah! That dress was a fave! I checked further (while praying and calling every angel's name I knew, hoping that that's the only damage it incurred), and thank goodness, God is good. My new Apple Bottoms tops and Lei jeans (which I bought from the wholesale womens clothing shop downtown a few days ago) were all safe and sound. Lesson learned: When you buy a piece of clothing, always buy in twos so that if something happens to the other one, you still have a spare. lol Just kidding! At least now, I have a valid excuse to buy a new set. :P

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