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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Karaoke Night With Her

I was playing this downloaded polyphonic ringtone of my cellular Motorola Philippine phone when my dog got up from her dog beds and started barking. I wasn't sure at first why she's doing that so I turned my phone off, placed it back on top of my computer table and "pretended" to continue surfing. My dog, after seeing that she won't be getting noticed with all the wagging of tails, went back to her memory foam dog beds and "acted" as if she's sulking! So what I did was, I turned my cellular Philippine phone back on (at the corner of my eye, I saw her sit up straight), played the ringtone again and believe it or not, she went back to barking, as if singing along with the tune, lol. She sure likes the music eh? Indeed, it's going to be a great karaoke night with my adorable dog.

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