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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For It's A Jolly Good Day-Oh!

It was a wonderful day! Aside from the call Mother gave me using her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun, I got to claim the bountiful gourmet basket from the wholesale clothing shop downtown. Just as I surmised, it's similar to the gifts Philippines package I sent Mother a few weeks ago. Delightful! Instead of fruits though, this one contains candies and chocolates, sandwich cookies and truffles, a bottle of wine and some caramel popcorn. Yummy! My dog thought so too for she immediately left the comfort of her memory foam dog beds, quickly approached my side, brushed her face against my lei jeans covered thighs and once again did her ""Give me some please please or I'll die of hunger" look, lol Hmmm, it would surely take a while before I can convince her to go back to her dog beds and sleep the night away, lol

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