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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jingling All The Way

Speaking of carolers, it's always fascinating to watch them sing and jingle their way from house to house night after night. From the range of melodic songs they play to their colorful, holiday-inspired outfits, they truly invite smiles and joyful aura to their listeners.

I remember the other day, a group of carolers dropped by my house and started singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Although they did not have any instruments with them, their acapella versions of the classics: "Jingle Bells", "The Christmas Song", "O Holy Night" certainly were delights to the ears. (In fact, my dog immediately got up from her foam dog beds, went closer to the door and listened intently to their music).

The singers' clothing were of christmas colors too! From their tops (saw a teen wearing a green akademiks jacket with funky red scarf having candy cane design) to their santa hats/caps (one had this bright yellow, new era cap) and maong/nylon pants (especially loved this lady neighbor's faded green lei jeans where a couple of philippine flowers patches were artistically sewn to produce a cutey feminine look), they sure look ready to do some jingling in the neighborhood, lol

Different shades of red, green and yellow that speak a lot of their current jovial mood. Add those to their impressive and powerful voices? Ah, it was indeed a sight to see and watch them perform. :)

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