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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stop, Listen, Then Look

Speaking of pizza, it felt like it didn't pass through my stomach tonight. In other words, it's sorta felt like empty still! How so? You see, my "adorable" dog, while lying luxuriously on her dog beds, had this "Give me some please please or I'll die of hunger" kind of look. So alright, I guess I'm a sucker to these types. And so, I gave.. and gave.. and gave. Before I could stop and listen to the grumbling of my stomach, she ate more than half of her share! Sheesh! Talk about whose the Master of whom eh?

The pizza house would surely be my first stop early tomorrow morning (or should I say, a few hours from now) before I report for work. Then later in the afternoon, I'll drop by the wholesale clothing shop to claim my "gift".

It's really too bad my version of "Leave some for me please please or I'll die of hunger too" kind of look didn't affect my dog at all for she's currently sleeping so contentedly at her designer dog beds! Tsk tsk! lol

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