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Sunday, December 9, 2007

My New Lunch Buddy

We have a new officemate at work today. Our VP for Operations introduced her and she would be working with us on this new project. The first thing I noticed about her is the way she carried her clothes. She's wearing an apple bottoms purple tops and lucky 13 steam skirt. Ooh, she gave justice to the simple pair! (How I wish I could pull off that same outfit the way she did.) Next thing that's quite evident was her features. She looks partly Asian. What caught my attention the most was that she's using a cellular mobile Philippine phone sun, similar to what Mother has! How did I know? You see, I heard her talking on the cellular philippine phone and she mentioned she's using sun (a roaming cellphone number) to the person she's talking to. Hey, I was not eavesdropping okay? lol Her voice was loud enough for people in the farther corner of the room to hear her. Anyway, have you ever experienced meeting someone and call it gut feeling but you sense right away that you're like soul sisters? I did. I thought we're gonna hit it off so I approached her. We shared lunch, we were together during coffee break and I was right. She's hip and cool. And she's half-Filipina, half-American (So that's why!) Hmmm, looks like I just got myself a new lunch buddy! :-D

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