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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mother Hen

Amazingly, after the SMS exchange Lisa and I had, Mother called up from her cellular mobile Philippine phone sun to check on her favorite daughter (That's me by the way, lol). They are planning to visit our relatives from the South and at the same time bring some Philippine flowers and gifts Philippines to Grandmother (of which the latter would surely love!). Awww, how I wish I were there with them, huhuhu! :( She also gave some tips as to what types of present my pretty little sister would appreciate (which is basically clothes, clothes, clothes, lol) I did tell her that lil sis received an early Christmas gift from me early this month (a sexy sean john tops) and I have plans to add a brand new lei jeans and rocawear purse to match with her sean john halter blouse. I immediately sensed her approval as if she were in front of me, nodding her lovely head, lol Ah, Mother Mother. My sweet Mother hen. :)

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