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Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Alone

On paper, I made a layout of how I would want my living room to look like. I also created a list of things to be bought so I can get around to passing nearby shops after office hours later. They say, if you want the task on hand to be exceptionally good when it's all done, try to initially internalize and feel as if you are really a part of the said project. Meaning, if you are working on Christmas decorations, everything you would be needing should be of Christmas theme too: like candy cane scissors or reindeer pens. Play some Christmas songs on the background. Dress up in Christmas colors! That is why, I plan to wear my red apple bottoms top, slightly faded green lei jeans, yellow new era cap, and white converse sneakers while "at work" and doing some rocking around the Christmas tree, lol A sure way to spice up decorating while home alone.

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