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Friday, November 30, 2007

9:21 PM

Goodbye Sweet November

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of November. How time flies fast, isn't it? Looking back, it was quite a good month for me. Career-wise, it's practically the same. Busy bee as always but the work load, fulfilling nevertheless. Health-wise, lo and behold, I wasn't admitted to nearby hospitals like an overworked bug, can you believe that? lol Now, family-wise, it's as delightful and comforting as flowers Philippines for I got to communicate with Mother much regular than before! I also had the chance to see my charming little sister after two long months! All in all, it's pretty calm and sweet and nice. Goodbye, sweet November, welcome cool December.
7:16 PM

Sister, My Sister

My sister came in a little before one and after a serious heart-to-heart talk (which greatly concerns her late night travelling), we spent the whole night, err the wee hours of the morning chattering and giggling! (somewhat like the way we used to tease around when we were still kids) Ah, it was a time full of playing and reminiscing and fun. Needless to say, she was all jumping and shrieking with the new sean john tops I gave her, lol I told her there's more to come but she'll have to wait til Christmas for the rest. Much to my surprise, she looked into her backpack, took out a pair of lei pants and taran... an early Christmas gift for me! Whoa, and it fits so perfectly! Sweetness, eh? Sister, my sister, you're the sweetest of them all! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

11:51 PM

Mother Knows Best

Mother always castigates me because I love traveling to far places particularly during night time. She's highly old fashioned, you see and considers that women should be at home, by 6pm the latest! Normally, I just shrug her worries off.. until tonight. It seems sister inherited my trait! Looking right now at Father's dereon watch, she's still out there on the road, driving by herself and to think it's nearly midnight! Hope she gets here soonest, safe and sound, so I can stop worrying about her.
10:23 PM

If You Can't Beat Her, Join Her!

I just received a phone call from my younger sister and she's sleeping over tonight, lol Hmmm, knowing her, I'm sure she's giddy with the things she would be receiving from me. Which reminds me, I happen to see this pretty rocawear purse that would blend well with "her" sean john tops. I might as well order this now before she comes up with this long list of things she "badly, badly" needs for the holiday season.
9:24 PM

All's Well That Ends Well

The rest of my shift turned out unexpectedly smooth. So as soon as I reached home, I just cooked/ate dinner and went online right away to search for flower shops Philippines so I can start getting around with the flower gift Philippines order for Mother's birthday. Thank goodness I found a Flower Delivery Philippines that offers discounts to its customers. Quite a good way to end a seemingly bad day.
8:37 PM

When It Rains, It Pours

They say bad luck comes in three. I never fell for that because I believe that for everything that's happening around us, they all come down to internalizing within ourselves: by thinking positively and turning all those negative energies to positive ones. I'm having second thoughts now. You see, my day started with me reporting late for work because of these blasted car keys. I thought that was the end of it. That's where I was wrong. When I reached my workplace, I was astounded to see that my favorite eau de toilette, which happens to be Mother's gift Philippines on my birthday, was down at the office's carpet floor, the tiny bottle all broken down to pieces! It seemed that a colleague's cat thought it was something to play around with thereby knocking my perfume down from the top of my table! I'm beginning to dread the rest of the day. What's gonna be next?
5:07 AM

Honey, I Blew Up! Its The Keys!

Funny how we tend to overlook things that are right before our very eyes, dont we? Let me give you an example. This morning, I was rushing to the door for I do not want to be late for work. I was nearing my car when I realized... I don't have the keys with me! So I looked around everywhere, as in every nook and cranny of my neat little house. NADA. Searched the insides of my rocawear purse, my lei jeans' pockets. ZILCH. I even forcefully shook and tossed around this new dereon jacket, three times! I know I have it with me somewhere! I just could not remember where I placed it. Guess where I found it? After half an hour, yes, you are right. I spent almost half an hour trying to find it and thinking and berating myself (how frustrating can that be?), I suddenly remembered I must have left it in the garage. And it seemed that I really did. It was still in the ignition switch, goodness gracious! It's a good thing my mind was so preoccupied last night that I didn't lock the car's door. Talk about getting old.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11:15 PM

Saying Hot, Hot, Hot!

Since I'm already online, I started looking for something to buy for myself this weekend. After all, with all the stress I have to face this week, I think I deserve some "reward". So on I went to different online clothing shops and I found something I really, really like. This sean john tops looks pretty hot hot hot, wouldn't you agree? Hmmm, maybe I should add this to my apple bottoms and dereon shopping list, hehehe
10:53 PM

A Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Gift

I was thinking. If I'm sending flowers Philippines, why not send Mother a basket of health too! You know, a fruit basket filled with her faves: pineapple, citrus, papaya to name a few. Hmmmm, I think that would go very well with the yellow roses, don't you think? Flowers that aim to make her smile and fruits to make her healthy and wealthy and wise. Ah, a perfect gifts Philippines, if you ask me! :)
10:32 PM

Her Favorite Ones

In a few weeks' time, Mother will be celebrating her birthday so I went online today to start choosing for flowers Philippines. She's not really particular but her faves mostly are: anthuriums, yellow roses and gerberas. So searching I went ahead and found these lovely Philippine flowers. Oooh, I sure can imagine the delight in her eyes when she receives them!
5:32 AM

A Knock On The Door and Tap On The Windows

Ive just given my sister a call and I was right. She's beside herself with excitement with the halter top I'm giving her this Christmas.
Moreover, she wants a brand new pair of lei jeans to match with "her" sean john tops. Tsk, tsk. I think wrapping it up is no longer necessary for come early tomorrow morning, she would surely be knocking on my door and tapping on my windows too! hehehe
2:09 AM

The Wicker Disagreement

So me and my friend went to take a stroll on the mall when we arrived on this dog accessory shop, and thinking of the incident that happened with me and my dog, I agreed to buy her a dog bed. And so we went inside, and looked around until we arrived at this pile of wicker dog beds and wooden dog beds next to what looked like some suede dog beds and fleece dog beds. My friend asked me of what I want, and I told her I want the wooden one. But my friend disagreed with my decision, and pointed on the wicker one, she said it’s a lot stylish than the wooden, but my dog is big and I need a stronger dog bed. Why did she even bother asking me of what I want? And so the disagreement went on until we decided on buying memory foam dog beds instead.

1:37 AM

To Be Or Not To Be?

For a while now, I've been trying to convince Mother to put up a business which largely concerns her passion in life: gardening. Why not use her gardening savvy to turn a profit? She can be a supplier to Philippine flower shops or Philippine Florists, for starters. Not only would she be spreading her love for plants and flowers, I'm sure she's going to learn a lot from the experience too! She did say she'll think about it. Hmmm, I wonder what her decision would be? To be or not to be?
12:23 AM

A Closet Surprise

I was rummaging through my closet when I found a couple of brand new era caps. Oh yeah, I remembered buying these last year for my two teenage nephews but for some reason, I forgot to put it in inside the box when I sent the package back to the Philippines. I searched the insides of my closet for some more and guess what I found? A yellow stripped makaveli polo, three white enyce shirt for kids and a sexy sean john ladies halter top which I originally bought for myself three months ago. Oooh, my younger sister would love the last item, that's for sure! Please don't ask why I'm giving it away. Unfortunately, when I tried it on for the first time, which was about a few minutes ago, it just wouldn't fit me anymore, huhuhu! What a tragedy, haha! Anyway, I better start wrapping these all up so I can send them just in time for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10:50 PM

Christmas Countdown

Twenty six more days to go before Christmas, wow! When I was a kid, I used to count the number of days, even hours before Christmas time. I would almost always wait in anticipation for this signifies that the moment for opening my presents is coming closer as the number of hours and days goes lower. I remember waking up excitedly just to go straight to the Christmas tree and check if new gifts were added to the collection. Ah, the joys of gift giving. To share love during the Yuletide season. Which reminds me, I should start shopping for gifts Philippines since I can visually imagine the looks on my godsons'/goddaughters' faces eagerly awaiting this celebration.
9:43 PM

My "To-Do" List

It's promising to be a busy week. I have lots of deadline to beat at work and the house needs some general cleaning, repainting of walls and a little decoration in preparation for Christmas. I feel like I'm 5 years older just by thinking of all my "To Dos"! Good thing I included shopping in my list. Apple bottoms and dereon, stay put. I'll see you when I get there!
1:46 AM

The Master Pet

I had this very stubborn dog that when she sleeps on something important you’ll have to wait for her to awake. So I thought of buying her some big dog beds, but dog beds can be very expensive, but one day changed that. Once I caught her snoozing on my bed, so I called out her name, she didn’t respond, so I tried to push her off the bed but the thing is, my dog is big so I didn’t have any other choice but to sleep on the couch. On that time, the master became the pet…

Monday, November 26, 2007

10:10 PM

Happy Birthday Mother!

One of my mother's hobby is gardening. She has this garden at our backyard where she would spend long hours - working and making all the plants and flowers more beautiful each passing day. This is her sacred place where she would forget about the world. She talks, sings and takes care of them like they were her own children. Ah, needless to say, she simply loves flowers! With her birthday fast approaching, I cannot think of a better way to put a smile in her face but to send flowers Philippines for there is where she is right now. Her favorites, all bundled up, freshly delivered at her doorstep. I'm sure she's going to like that. Happy Birthday, Mother!