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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here Comes Cinderella Right Down Cinderella Lane

It was indeed a day full of laughter because barely ten minutes ago, my little sister called me up from her cellular philippine phone (which is almost the same as Mother's cellular mobile Philippine phone sun) to ask WHEN she would be receiving the second and third and fourth Christmas gift installments from me, lol I was so right! She started enumerating that a pair of lei jeans would certainly match her tempting sean john tops and a rocawear purse would be suitable with her getup. And oh! A pretty rocawear belt plus Cole Haan Women's Lina Sandals would complete everything and make them just perfect! I'm afraid my younger sister tend to get carried away with these stuff. I think she has this ah, silly notion that she turns into Cinderella every Christmas time, lol

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