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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lost And Found

It's mandatory that every after end of the day, I note down all my daily expenses. This is to guide me through better budgeting and wise spending. Last month, I wasn't able to finalize my personal financial statements because I seem to have misplaced the receipt from the wholesale clothing shop where I bought wholesale clothing for relatives back in the Philippines last Christmas. Searched every nook and cranny of my tiny apartment, nada. Already looked inside my rocawear and evisu bags and purses.. searched all front, side and back pockets of my apple bottoms jumpsuit to each of my branded (lei) and non branded jeans.. I even ridiculously checked my new era caps, to see if I had unwittingly placed the receipt there! Unfortunately, zilch. Guess where I found it? The least place I could ever imagine - it's on her Royal Dogness fancy dog beds. Yup! My royal dog has it all along. Tsk, tsk, my age is starting to tell eh? hehehe

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