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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Her Royal Dogness

Life has been busy nowadays. That's my only explanation for not blogging in almost three weeks, hehehe It's a good thing Red Ribbon Bakeshop is nearby and just within my reach or I doubt if I'd last with all the stress I've been into lately. My "housemate" seemed to be enjoying the pastries from Red Ribbon Bakeshop as well for she get to have her fill on Red Ribbon Cake while lying luxuriously like a queen on her fancy dog beds, lol You know what? If you try to visualize her extra large dog beds and have philippine flowers fill its edges, she could easily pass as Her Royal Dogness, lol I almost curtsied when she acknowledged my presence as soon as I entered the room after changing my work clothes to casual evisu donna top and lei maong jeans! Her look was so.. regal! Oh well, that's my dog. Simply majestic, lol

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